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RFQ 23-R0009
Arts & Innovation District
P3 Multifamily Public Space Opportunity

Issue Date: 10/26/2022
CLOSED Date: 12/16/2022


Document Download:  RFQ 23-R0009

Note: This document should correctly download as seventeen (17) Pages in 8.5X11 format

- please reach out with any issues downloading -

"The City of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is inviting interested real estate developers to respond to this solicitation for the sale and redevelopment of City-owned properties within the Arts and Innovation District of downtown Myrtle Beach.  The City is offering two sites for redevelopment. Proposers can express interest in one or both sites."

RFQ Submission Deadline - UPDATED - Developer Addendum 1
RFQ responses shall be due no later than Friday, December 16, 2022 at 2:00 PM


Written Questions Deadline
RFQ questions are due, in writing to by November 9, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Answers to all written questions will be posted at the bottom of this page. >> GO TO QUESTIONS <<

Exhibit 14 - "Evaluation and Scoring Matrix"

ART Zoning Boundaries 2b.png

RFQ Maps and Aerials

Included in this RFQ are two (2) developable sites adjacent to the downtown's newly planned City Square, historic Myrtle Beach Train Depot, and proposed Rails-to-Trail project.

Exhibit 1.a -  City Square RFQ Site Boundaries - DOWNLOAD -

Arts and Innovation Ordinance.JPG

Arts & Innovation District Zoning

Myrtle Beach Ordinance 2019-47 establishes a new zoning district named Arts & Innovation (ART).  This rezoned approximately 56 acres including 155 parcels located in the downtown.  The Arts & Innovation district is classified as Mixed-Use.

Exhibit 4 - Arts & innovation District boundaries - DOWNLOAD -

Exhibit 5 - City of Myrtle Beach Ordinance 2019-47 - DOWNLOAD

rails to trails aerial.JPG

Rails To Trails

A proposed 2.5 mile Rails to Trails project extends through the heart of Myrtle Beach between the Intracoastal Waterway and downtown’s Historic Train Depot. The corridor includes spur lines that connect to residential, parks, conversation areas, and a warehouse / manufacturing district.

Exhibit 7 - Fall 2021, Horry County Committee - DOWNLOAD

Round Sunglasses

"A Vision of Downtown Myrtle Beach"

Myrtle Beach and investors are beginning to tell a new story of downtown; a new chapter in Myrtle Beach's rich history of "fun in the sun".   Our new Vision Book will highlight recent accomplishments and forecast a thriving, new Downtown Myrtle Beach.

Exhibit 9 - Downtown Myrtle Beach Vision Book - VIEW

hwy 501 realignment image help.jpg

Key Infrastructure Investments

To support new residential development in higher densities, the City has embarked on a series of infrastructure improvements totaling nearly $30 Million in new investment of sewer, stormwater, and water and electric capacity within the Arts & innovation district.

Exhibit 11 - Utility Engineering - DOWNLOAD -

Exhibit 8.a - ART District Bike Lane Improvements - DOWNLOAD -

Jack T_edited.jpg

Environmental Impact Study

In 2020, a review of the 390+ acre downtown redevelopment area was completed  in order to determine the presence, location, size, and scope of areas of environmental concern.

Exhibit 13 - Full Environmental Report - DOWNLOAD -

Downtown Study Area.PNG

Downtown Stratiegic Plans

In the years since our 2018 Master Plan adoption, the City has taken more actions in support of revitalization than any other time in its history, with significant focus on the Arts & Innovation District.

Exhibit 2 - Myrtle Beach Downtown Master Plan - DOWNLOAD -

Exhibit 3 - Arts & Innovation District Advanced Plan - DOWNLOAD -

MB Alliance Banner_edited.jpg

Myrtle Beach Downtown Alliance

The newly-created Myrtle Beach Downtown Alliance  (MBDA) is a 501(c)3 place management organization created to drive the creation of a vibrant Downtown Myrtle Beach.  


Exhibit 6 - Municipal Improvement District - DOWNLOAD


Bike and Pedestrian Enhancements

The downtown Arts & Innovation district will be walkable, and accessible to multimodal transportation including an integrated system of bicycle lanes across the district.

Exhibit 8.a - ART District Bike Lane Improvements - DOWNLOAD -

Exhibit 8.b - Bikeway Network Map - DOWNLOAD -

Exhibit 8.c - Myrtle Beach Bike & Ped. Master Plan - DOWNLOAD -

hwy 501 realignment image help.jpg

Key Infrastructure Investments

As part of the “RIDE-3” transportation initiative, the City, County and State of South Carolina have collaborated to undertake the $13 million redesign and realignment of the gateway route into downtown and the beach - SC Highway 501.

Exhibit 10 - US Hwy 501 Realignment - DOWNLOAD -

Website - COUNTY: Horry County, RIDE-3 Dashboard
Website -  SCDOT – US 501 Realignment

Market Study Image.JPG

Market Feasibility Study

In 2021 the City contracted RCLCO, a leading national real estate consulting firm to prepare an initial market analysis and feasibility study for this opportunity and the surrounding Arts and Innovation District.

Exhibit 12 - Market Study for Mixed-Use Development - DOWNLOAD -

Financial Report

Development Inventives

Irrespective of the terms negotiated in any future development agreement for these sites, the City currently has the following incentives available:

The Submission Requirements


Submissions should cover the following information at a minimum, and will be evaluated based on the qualifications provided under these headings. 

  1. Initial Project Response Statement

  2. Team Composition and Qualifications

  3. Past Project Experience

  4. Experience with Public Private Partnerships

  5. Financial Capabilities and Relationships

Exhibit 14 - Evaluation and Scoring Matrix


Questions & Responses

RFQ questions are due, in writing to by November 9, 2022 at 11:59 PM.


Request for Deadline Extension - Status: Granted _ Developer Addendum 1


The purpose of this Addendum #01 to RFQ 23-R0009 for Arts & Innovation District P3 Multifamily Public Space Opportunity, dated October 26, 2022, is to change the submission deadline from Monday, December 5, 2022 at 2:00PM (local time) to Friday, December 16, 2022 at 2:00PM (local time.) Interested firms should not expect any further time extension beyond this date.

Sealed qualifications are now due on Friday, December 16, 2022 at 2:00PM (local time.) No electronic submissions will be accepted. The City of Myrtle Beach is not responsible for late or misdirected mail. Please send in your qualifications in a sealed envelope to the address below:

City of Myrtle Beach
3231 Mr. Joe White Avenue
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Attn: Purchasing Division/Ann Sowers

The City of Myrtle Beach will not be responsible for any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations regarding any plans or solicitation documents that are obtained from any source other than the City of Myrtle Beach.  It is the Contractor’s sole responsibility to verify the authenticity of all documents associated with this project.  The Contractor will be liable for any losses, damages, costs, and/or expenses incurred by operating from plans or documents that are not obtained directly from the City of Myrtle Beach.

From the date of issue until time of award, no contact with City of Myrtle Beach personnel, officer, elected official, or selection team member related to this solicitation is permitted.  All communications/requests for clarification are to be directed to Ann Sowers, Purchasing Manager <>.  Any communication with any person listed above other than the Purchasing Manager may be just cause for disqualification.


All material submitted as part of this RFQ shall become the sole and exclusive property of the City of Myrtle Beach and in the public domain.  However, as per the South Carolina State Procurement Code, Section 11-35-410,commercial/financial/price information and design concepts, methods, procedures, and recommendations can be held privileged and confidential, provided that the Developer clearly marks that information as such.  This includes biographical data on key employees.  It will be the Developer’s responsibility to label information as proprietary.  Failure to clearly identify information as privileged, confidential, and/or proprietary may be cause for public disclosure.  The Developer shall not copyright, or cause to be copyrighted, any portion of any of said documents submitted to the City as a result of this solicitation.


The City of Myrtle Beach Purchasing Division operates in strict compliance with federal and state laws, local laws and regulations, internal policies and professional purchasing principles.  To uphold its responsibility and accountability in the expenditure of public funds, the office maintains a competitive bidding process in accordance with the city's Purchasing Code, from Chapter 2, Article VI, of the Complete Code of City Ordinances.


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