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LATEST NEWS - "$34 Million dollar infrastructure work is underway"

December 1, 2023

Construction activity has begun along major roadways in the downtown.  A new sewer pump station serving the Arts & Innovation District is being installed at the westernmost boundary of the district, along with electrical conduit begin installed along 6th Avenue N. and Oak Street.  The work along this corridor should be completed ahead of the US Hwy 501 Realignment project scheduled to break ground in Summer 2024.  The City, then, will continue critical infrastructure upgrades across each corridor with the Arts & Innovation District including road realignments which prioritize the pedestrian and create a safer traffic pattern for vehicles.

Myrtle Beach Arts and Innovation District 1A-3.jpg

"9th Avenue North businesses are revitalizing the corridor"

 2023, Q2-2024

Predating the Downtown Master Plan, our City captured the opportunity to purchase several vacant, underutilized buildings along a central corridor in downtown - 9th Avenue North.  To date, a portion of these building have been included in a Historic District, each have received proper reinvestment into roofing, HVAC and structural issues, and 5 new commercial tenants occupy 17,500 sq.ft.

Building The New City Center

In December 2020, Myrtle Beach City Council committed the next round of resources for our Downtown Master Plan implementation with the adoption of the new Arts & Innovation District Advanced Plan. This new core downtown district falls entirely within a Federal Opportunity Zones and encompasses the Downtown Historic District.  There are several projects already completed, underway and in active planning stages within the Arts and Innovation District.


The intent of the Arts and Innovation District is to create a sustainable and walkable mixed-use urban environment that will serve as the hub of artistic, cultural and civic life in the traditional core of downtown Myrtle Beach. As a year-round destination for both residents and visitors, the district’s primary uses are supported by a wide range of businesses that help to maintain a vibrant atmosphere. Building design is in harmony with the character of the area and establishes a continuity of pedestrian-oriented frontages between adjacent buildings. This is further supported by pedestrian oriented urban design, the active use of outdoor space for dining and entertainment, encouraging the development of upper-story residences in mixed-use buildings, and the incorporation of both active and passive public spaces throughout the district.

Vision Book

THE VISION BOOK - "A Plan to Forge Our Arts & Innovation"


Decades in the making, the Arts & Innovation District started to take shape when passionate individuals from various sectors and industries came together under a singular vision to elevate the experience of downtown Myrtle beach. The dynamic vision celebrates the vibrant heyday of the city's past, showcases the creativity of the present, and capitalizes upon innovative thinking of the future. Ambitious planning at this scale required the removal of physical and economic hurdles to growth as well as a broad strategy that empowered stakeholders. This bold effort brought together experts from across various industries and sectors with a common goal to help downtown Myrtle Beach realize it's potential.

View the VISION BOOK Here



"Out With The Old, In With The New"

The City has dedicated substantial resources to the Arts & Innovation District's aging infrastructure.  We've begun the repairs and upgrades within the heart of the District so that private sector growth can occur at the core and disseminate from there.  New Water and Sewer is now in place at $1.34 Million with electric, telephone, and cable upgrades to occur Fall 2021.  This major investment should meet the demand of any business wishing to move in.


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Theatre Broad.PNG

historic district

"Preserving Memories & Materials"

History has it's fingerprint in every great downtown across the Nation.  Our city is at a transition point in time when the buildings most desperate for new life are those becoming eligible for historic tax incentives. The new Downtown Historic District includes two completed historic preservation efforts with six more storefronts underway.  Two of these projects include a 300-seat theater for the performing arts and a co-working center, i.e. HTC Aspire Hub.



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Nance Plaza.jpg

green space & Parks

"Building The New City Square"

A major element in our vision of reclaiming downtown is to construct a new City Square where our residents and visitors can come "be a local."  The new City Square will be a place for reliable activation of our weekly farmer's markets, annual events, and every-thing in between.  The most recent public space improvement is Nance Plaza.  Nance Plaza anchors the Art & Innovation District to the east, as well as the Historic District.  New business has invested adjacent to the Plaza and thriving.

green Space & Parks

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Art & Culture

"It's In The Name"

What would the Arts & Innovation District be without art and culture.  By design, the zoning language was written to encourage creativity and diversity within the district.  A large number of groups and advocates have been waiting in the wing for the City to take notice of our "art gap."  The individuals are actively discussing ideas for projects within the district, and even more, creating plans to grow the arts and culture here.

Art & culture

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