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Downtown Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is making waves with our new Downtown Master Plan.  Our plan builds on the world class experiences and investment opportunities available here today, ensuring that the physical landscape, infrastructure, and vision for downtown stand the test of time for future generations to grow and prosper in Downtown Myrtle Beach.

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Arts &

The Arts and Innovation District will be a sustainable and walkable mixed-use urban environment, serving as the hub of artistic, cultural and civic life in the traditional core of downtown Myrtle Beach.  The district will be pedestrian-oriented with a vibrant atmosphere full of character and diverse business and public amenities that all combined will provide a beautiful new experience in Downtown Myrtle Beach for our citizens and visitors.

HTC Aspire HUB at dusk.jpg
Nance Plaza event.jpg

What's Happening Now...

Public Projects

Nance Plaza

brewery top.jpg

Nance Plaza is our downtown's most recent major public improvement.  Located adjacent to Kings Hwy and 9th Avenue N., the space will serve as a catalyst for new activity with the Arts & Innovation District.

Investor Incentives
Historic Tax Credits


Usage of Historic Tax Credits is sweeping the area.  As worthwhile sites within the City reach "historic maturity", investors are getting wise, and great projects have been the result.

Downtown Master Plan
Nuisance Abatement

Image by Rajesh Appalla

The City's nuisance abatement team is aggressively identifying nuisance properties in the Downtown.  The City now has a Quality Of Life Court to address property maintenance, code enforcement and other nuisances.  This is a major check off the Master Plan list of priorities for a safer downtown.

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